Yearly Archives: 2016

Welcome to the Netherlands .. Goodbye summer season ..

We are happy to announce our entry into the Dutch market. With more than 6 million IT savvy and travel interested consumers in the Dutch market we have  – for a long time – wanted to get the Netherlands onboard. With travel deals from all the Major players in the Dutch Market we are sure to attract consumers to our price comparison service. We have launched ad campaigns on facebook, bing and Google and are already seeing solid traffic on our Dutch site. We are backed up by great partnerships with agencies that covers the Dutch market – in fact the Dutch site is already our best site when it comes to affiliate coverage. In the coming months we will be adding even more travel agencies to the site. You can visit the dutch site at

Our other markets are performing as expected. The summer travel season is over and the number of visitors on our site is coming back to normal levels. In August we had more than 70.000 users – an increase of 12 % when compared to last year. Our Social media coverage is slowly growing – we are now reaching 53.000 consumers through social media news streams.

In our IT management Service business we have just completed a bid proposal within IT-infrastructure  for a major systems integrator.

Summer season was here – and we prospered !

With an increase of 15% in users in July 2016 compared to July 2015 we served more than 170.000 users in our most busy month ever. June also saw an increase of 25% in users compared to 2015 – reaching more than 80.000 users. For the first time we also served more than 1 million pages in a month in July 2016. This also meant that we served more than 2.5 million ads in July 2016. Especially the polish market has driven an substantial increase in our overall traffic during June and July.

Our social media followers is only increasing slightly as we have decreased our social media advertising – but we still reach more than 50.000 travel savvy consumers through social media engagement.

Our search engine presence is slowly being improved with a large increase in keywords and a reasonable development in our page rankings. We are still investing heavily in SEO and content optimization and creation.

June also saw an upgrade of our IT infrastructure making us ready for implementation of two new markets in the second half of 2016.

We are well into implementation of the first of these new markets. We will release the new market end of August 2016 – so stay tuned as we head into our sixth market in 20 months. Later this year we launch our 7th and most southern market so far.

Ready for the summer vacation season with more organic traffic, server upgrade and 50.000+ social followers

March, April and May have seen about 200.000 visitors turning more than 700.000 pages and almost 2 mio ads. Which is satisfactory for the season.

We reached the magical 50.000 followers on social media during May and is looking forward to going to the next level in social media engagements with our customers.

In May we changed our hotel booking partner from to Trivago. Although we love – and its still our preferred booking engine – Trivago is much more in line with our customers expectations – they want to go from a price comparison charter flight site to a price comparison accommodation site to find the best deal on accommodation for their heavily discounted charter flight – combining this to a bargain travel deal. The numbers so far shows that customers love this new setup.

We have further increased our organic traffic volume with 100% during the last couple of Months  through a huge increase in keywords and urls in our sitemap.

We have upgraded our servers at Linode and during the summer months we will take on one more market … so stay tuned for the announcement …

So now we are ready for the summer vacation season.

Happy holidays to you all !

Steady February

With a little more than 50.000 visitors and 270.000 page views February 2016 was an ordinary month for Last Minute Charter.
Social followers increased to 46.000 across our 5 markets.

Compared with last year we have doubled our volumes in February 2016, which is testimonial to our progress. We expect March 2016 to be at the same level as February 2016, but still with more than 60% increase compared to March 2015.

From April 2016 and onward through the summer we expect increases in the volumes as the summer holidays approaches.

A new year has started …

Completing January 2016 was a vast improvement to the level of activity when compared to January 2015. With more than 50.000 users and 300.000 page views in January we have more than quadrupled the activity level comparing with last year. Our social media following is also developing as expected and we now reach more than 40.000 consumers social media news streams.
Last Minute Charter Polska was off to a great start with more than 5000 likes on our facebook page and a fair amount of users and pageviews in January, we are certainly serving some great deals to the travel savvy consumers in Poland.
In our other markets we added 10 new last minute travel deal suppliers and increased the number of travel companies we have an affiliate agreement with significantly. With a new media set for advertising directly with Last Minute Charter and an affiliate flyer for our suppliers we are off to a busy 2016.

We celebrate Last Minute Charters first anniversary with a new market !

With 2015 coming to and end its time to wrap up the year. In 2015 we served more than 500.000 consumers, served more than 3.5 mio pages and almost 10 mio ads. We went from 0 to 35.000 social media followers and entered Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland with Last Minute Charter. So we are certainly on the right track when looking back at our first year in business.

2016 has begun with lots of activity – we added more than 15 new travel deal suppliers in the last days of 2015 and most importantly added a new market – Poland. With the addition of Poland we made 2 vital steps – we moved outside of our Scandinavian heritage comfort zone and we doubled the number of potential consumers we can reach. Last Minute Charter Polska collates last minute travel deals from 10 suppliers at the moment – and a few more will be added during the first months of 2016.

We have a couple of new markets in sight and some very specific goals for 2016 for the existing – so we are sure 2016 is going to be a good one !

Happy New Year to you all !