What does Lieto mean ?

Lieto is a mood. An expression. Its the sound of feeling good. Its when the music strikes the note of joy.

It is to remind us that the time we spend working should feel good and joyfull. It is believing in that we do our best when we have the wind in our back. When we enjoy and feel good about what we do.

Lieto is also a small finnish town. Neigbor to the town of Nokia.

It is to remind us that with technology things can change fast. Nothing last forever. You can not live off your laurels. It is believing in keeping up with the technology of everything and not beeing afraid of future awareness. Because when we are aware – we will not only be aware of the threats but also the opportunities.

Why the red L ?

Red catches your attention. But we dont wanna stop you ! Nothing comes out of nothing it takes hard work – as the french says … du sang, de la sueur et des larmes – from blood, sweat and tears … and after all – it is the blood that carries the oxygen – that carries the … You get the idea !

Who are we ?

Lieto is a small company. And we are going to stay a small company.

We focus on developing new services on the net as web entrepreneurs. Not the major innovations. We only deal with things that interest us – and we feel we know something about. We try to give it a twist – make it more simple – create better ecosystems – make it our own. But not our own to have – but our own to share.

Our competencies are for sale. We also sell IT management services. Freelance or Interim. For when your organization needs project leadership with energy and commitment.

Lieto is headed by Jens Christian Andersen. View Jens Christian Andersen's profile on LinkedIn
Jens has more than 25 years of experience in IT Management and Business Development.

Lieto is a registered company in Denmark with Registration Number 30337867. Lietos bank connection is Nordea Denmark.

Lieto is physically located in the northern parts of Denmark at Svanelundsvej 4, 9800 Hjørring, Denmark