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A new year has started …

Completing January 2016 was a vast improvement to the level of activity when compared to January 2015. With more than 50.000 users and 300.000 page views in January we have more than quadrupled the activity level comparing with last year. Our social media following is also developing as expected and we now reach more than 40.000 consumers social media news streams.
Last Minute Charter Polska was off to a great start with more than 5000 likes on our facebook page and a fair amount of users and pageviews in January, we are certainly serving some great deals to the travel savvy consumers in Poland.
In our other markets we added 10 new last minute travel deal suppliers and increased the number of travel companies we have an affiliate agreement with significantly. With a new media set for advertising directly with Last Minute Charter and an affiliate flyer for our suppliers we are off to a busy 2016.

We celebrate Last Minute Charters first anniversary with a new market !

With 2015 coming to and end its time to wrap up the year. In 2015 we served more than 500.000 consumers, served more than 3.5 mio pages and almost 10 mio ads. We went from 0 to 35.000 social media followers and entered Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland with Last Minute Charter. So we are certainly on the right track when looking back at our first year in business.

2016 has begun with lots of activity – we added more than 15 new travel deal suppliers in the last days of 2015 and most importantly added a new market – Poland. With the addition of Poland we made 2 vital steps – we moved outside of our Scandinavian heritage comfort zone and we doubled the number of potential consumers we can reach. Last Minute Charter Polska collates last minute travel deals from 10 suppliers at the moment – and a few more will be added during the first months of 2016.

We have a couple of new markets in sight and some very specific goals for 2016 for the existing – so we are sure 2016 is going to be a good one !

Happy New Year to you all !

October and November is where it gets hard !

The months October and November is the months with the lowest search volume for travel related services according to Bing and Google.

October was below September with 57.000, visitors turning 260.000 pages and approx. 800.000 ads served in September. Our growth rate on social media is continuing – we now have more than 30.000 travel savvy customers following the latest travel deals on facebook and twitter.

We are a bit delayed with the launch of the next market .. but stay tuned we still cant wait for the  launch of our first non Scandinavian market. At the same time we are still preparing for the next 3 markets to be added. So 4th quarter 2015  is full steam ahead as we are going to come out strong for the 2016 holiday seasons !

And finally we have started the development process towards launching in q1 2016 ….

September lower than expected !

We was a little bit to optimistic when expecting a slight increase in activity in September compared to August. Instead we went down to 61.000 visitors, turned 340.000 pages and approx. 1 milion ads in September. In all a drop in activity of 10 %. At the same time our growth rate on social media continues as we reach 28.000 likes on facebook and keep our 2nd place in our niche in Scandinavia based on social media interaction.

The fall holidays are coming in October in Scandinavia – so we expect better numbers in October – probably at August level.

End of October will also see one new market being launched. We cant wait as we launch our first non Scandinavian market. At the same time we are preparing for the next 3 markets to be added. So 4th quarter 2015 will be full steam ahead as we wanna come out strong for the 2016 holiday seasons !

August as expected !

With the summer holidays coming to a close in Scandinavia the number of consumers visiting Last Minute Charter dropped to 68.000 in August 2015. This was an expected drop in unique visitors aswell as in page views, which dropped to 350.000.  Add impressions performed at a little above 1 million in August.

Last Minute Charter keeps growing on facebook. We now have more than 25.000 likes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Our engagement strategy on social media is still a strong driver of Traffic to the site.

We are ready to implement at least one new country – but due to other activities within LIETO we wont be completing the implementation until end of October 2015. We have now completed our implementation plan for 2015 and expect to have an additional 4 countries added during 2015, bringing the total number of markets from the existing 4 to 9 by the end of 2015.

Our email newsletters is at the moment only active in Denmark. We reach more than 6000 danish consumers every monthe with our newsletter – either direct or through our facebook promotion of the newsletter. Our experience from the Danish newsletters will in 2016 be used in our other markets.

According to the danish internet index Last Minute Charter would have been in the top 100 in July, based on unique users. But as we are a .eu domain we are not listed. But it sure feels great to be at this level after 9 months of operation !

In september we expect to see a slight increase in activity as the autumm holiday seekers start there search for vacations.

July exceeded all expectations !

With a cold and wet summer in Northern Europe it was time for to exceed all expectations ! In July we handed deals out to more than 150.000 travel savvy customers, served more than 750.000 pages filled with travel deals and presented more than 2 mio ads for our advertisers. In August we expect the numbers to get back to June level as the travel season comes to a halt in Northern Europe.

In July we also launched our Finnish site – so welcome to Last Minute Charter Suomi. We collate travel deals from 8 travel companies at the moment in Finland – and expect a few more to be added during August.

During August we also expect to launch still another country site .. so stay tuned for the latest addition to the Last Minute Charter family of sites …

Growth and partnership building continues in June

With the holiday season well on its way here in Scandinavia its no wonder that June was a new month of records. More than 100.000 visits from more than 65.000 users turned more than 450.000 pageviews. This was what we expected to reach in July – but we are already there ! In July we do expect similar or a slight increase in numbers.

Another breakthrough in early July was to become number three or better in our niche counted on facebook likes. And by beating two of our competitors on this metric on 2nd of July we have outrunned all but the biggest competitor within 7 months. In total we now reaches more than 20.000 travel savvy consumers on facebook in Scandinavia.

June also saw two new partnerships with the mobile company 3 ( and the car rental collation company ( 3 is already fully integrated on our site and rentalcars will be so during July.

And then we cant wait to see the end of July and a couple of new announcements .. if you guess new markets .. then you are not far fetched …

50.000 visitors in May 2015 and a new exciting partnership with

We did it ! In May 2015 we reached 50.000 visitors – which was our goal for June 2015. And with the current level of visitors we expect to reach 60.000 visitors per month in July 2015.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with – one of the worlds largest supplier of hotel bookings. With we will be able to help consumers booking charter flights without accomodation with the best deals for hotels. During June 2015 will be integrated with