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Hit by Corona

After a great start to 2020 Lieto and our sites and was hit by the Corona Pandemic.

From March to June our traffic numbers dropped with more than 99%. We stopped all marketing activities.

Here at the end of July we see a slow recovery – our traffic is now “only down” with 70% !

We are hanging on – but for obvious reasons – running at a lower activity level.

Our expectations is that we wont see our normal traffic levels again before end of 2021 due changes in the industry and the public fear of travelling.

33% Growth in 2019

2019 became a year of growth. With we reached more than 1.6 million visits – a growth of 33%. is slowly getting more visitors and passed more than 10.000 visits per month in 2019.

In total our customers turned more than 7 mio page views in 2019.

On social media we raised the number of followers across our sites to more than 125.000.

In 2020 we are focusing on developing our dynamic marketing ads on several platforms, improving our seo quality, increasing the affiliate partnerships and adding yet another market to

We are still aiming at the 2 mio visits per year for all our sites – maybe 2020 will be the year of yet another record ?

2018 was fine – 2019 is going to be great ..

In 2018 we hit more than 1.2 million visits to Coming off to a slow start we catched up mid year with our SEO efforts and new setup for Adwords.

Currently we expect to hit more than 2 million visitors on in 2019.

More importantly our efforts to secure more direct and agency affiliate agreements is paying off as more than 65% off our outbound traffic is now covered.

In 2019 we have one new market in sight, more investments in SEO and some site optimizations planned.

We launched in april 2018. It has been off to a slow start but now we are picking up pace and we expect to hit more than 250.000 visits in 2019.

For travolo,net more than 90% off our outbound traffic is now affiliated – so we have strong partnerships to support the growth.

2019 has already had a great start and we cant wait for the big holiday season to come around and even more visits from travel savvy consumers.

2018 – whats in store ?

2018 has started on a little lower note for us. After hitting almost 1 mio users in 2017 on – we have taken down our advertising a notch in the winter months due to lower affiliate turnovers. So for 2018 we have a target for around 800.000 users.

We launched an updated mid January 2018 with improved search facilities, a new international frontpage and a lot of speed and seo improvements behind the scenes. We still have a few minor improvements under way which will be released in q1 2018.

The development of is going smoothly and the target is to be up and running with the first market – Denmark – beginning of q2 2018. We very much look forward to serve our more than 500.000 users in Denmark with great travel advice on all thing “Travelish”.

A small project has also been setup – ready for launch in q2 2018. I have always wanted to make my own travelblog – with all the tales of the world that i have experienced – and its in the making, The website is there – the initial content is under way ! But look forward to reading about train, boat and flight adventures from all over the world on

As a result of the increased activity with, and the activity in Lieto IT Management Services will be at a lower level in 2018 when compared to 2017.

What an awful summer …

The summer in our markets have been awful .. yes you are right the weather has been bad ! But for bad weather means lots of visitors. We served more than 200.000 users in July 2017 – a growth of 25 % compared with 2016.  Year to date we are up with almost 15% compared to 2016 and getting closer and closer to the 1 million user per year mark.

The coming months will see some changes to the website as we continuously improve our search engine presence, introduce new search capabilities and a new international frontpage.

Our consulting business have been busy in the first half of 2017 but will not see many new projects in the rest of the year as we focus on improvements and development of is set for launch end of Q1 2018.

2 years under the belt ..

Last Minute Charter has now been on the internet for 2 years. In 2016 we increased the number of users to more than 675.000 – a growth of almost 25 % compared with 2015. The number of followers on social media has grown to more than 60.000 – a growth of more than 80% when compared to 2015. 2016 has been a great year  but 2017 is going to be even better. With a 100% growth in our traffic from search engines and social media we are decreasing our costs. We keep on increasing the number of affiliate partners in our markets – providing great revenue streams together with our partners in the industry. In 2017 we have plans for one additional market and to create changes to our business model which again can enhance our revenue streams.

Lieto Information Management Services has seen a steady influx of new consultancy assignments in 2016 – primarily within infrastructure and operations. In 2016 we completed 6 projects. We expect 2017 to be at the same level.

2017 is going to be the year of Travolo – our franchise based travel deal site for everything “travelish”. We are going to build on Last Minute Charters established and proven methods. So stay tuned for more news about in 2017.

Happy new year to everybody !

October and November is where it gets hard !

The months October and November is the months with the lowest search volume for travel related services according to Bing and Google.

October was below September with 57.000, visitors turning 260.000 pages and approx. 800.000 ads served in September. Our growth rate on social media is continuing – we now have more than 30.000 travel savvy customers following the latest travel deals on facebook and twitter.

We are a bit delayed with the launch of the next market .. but stay tuned we still cant wait for the  launch of our first non Scandinavian market. At the same time we are still preparing for the next 3 markets to be added. So 4th quarter 2015  is full steam ahead as we are going to come out strong for the 2016 holiday seasons !

And finally we have started the development process towards launching in q1 2016 ….

Presentation Site for Travolo Launched.

We know its just a teaser. The real deal wont be launched until Q1 2018. In order to promote Travolo and to engage with travel experts with great writing skills, travel industry network and a desire to run there own business we have launched the presentation site. So if you wanna know more about the global franchise based travel deal network .. visit