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Great deals on Last Minute Charter made simple !

Last Minute Charter gives you the big picture and the lowest prices on last minute charter deals by collating deals from all the major suppliers in the market.

The internet based service is available on all platforms – tablet, smartphone and pc/mac due to its responsive web design.

Last Minute Charter is tightly integrated with social media such as twitter and facebook – hooking directly into consumers social media news stream for awareness and engagement.

With monthly newsletters and daily agents we keep the travel interested consumer informed about the best deals and charter travel trends.

Last Minute Charter is available in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland at the moment. Expansion into new northern european markets is planned during 2016.

Last Minute Charter serves more than 50.000 travel savvy consumers per month and have a direct relationship through newsletters and social media with more than 45.000 travel interested consumers.

Last Minute Charter collates deals  from more than 60 suppliers in the charter travel industry.

Last Minute Charters goal is to be in the top 5 within its niche in all the markets we enter.

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